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Litepack by Litegroup provides Australians with a sustainable alternative to packaging materials. The honeycomb core design in these materials offers impressive strength-to-weight ratio and impact protection that secures packages. Aside from this, all packaging materials are made from 100% FSC Certified material which significantly reduces its environmental impact.

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Eco-Friendly Packaging Material

Litepack was established to give Australians an environmentally friendly responsible alternative to traditional packaging materials. Made from 100 per cent recyclable paper and cardboard, the packaging we offer can easily be recycled after use. In addition to this, we use water-based glue that is stable and non-toxic to reduce the material’s environmental impact.

We provide our clients with prompt delivery services to ensure that they receive their materials on time. We at Litepack keep our inventory well-stocked for immediate despatch. Everything is manufactured and prefabricated beforehand to free clients from the responsibility of assembly.

For clients that need specific non-standard sizes, we at Litepack will modify your order to your specifications. From a size of 12000mm x 1600mm to a thickness of 8mm, we use a die cut or CNC cut to be as accurate as possible.

The honeycomb core of our packaging materials gives them high-impact absorption qualities. This gives the material the ability to effectively protect anything for which it is used.

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The Benefits of Honeycomb Cardboard Packaging


Cardboard, compared with other materials, is lighter in weight. This is particularly advantageous for bulk deliveries. Since weight plays a major role in determining the price of transport, the ultra-light quality of Litepack’s honeycomb cardboard is an effective and efficient solution.


The honeycomb design of our packaging materials gives it high-impact compression strength. In addition to this, the hollow hexagonal cells allow for better weight distribution. Both of these work towards providing customers with the security and protection they require for their items.

Environmentally Friendly

The honeycomb cardboard packaging materials we manufacture are made from 100 per cent FSC certified materials. This makes the material easier to recycle after use. Moreover, we use non-toxic glue to assemble these materials to further reduce their environmental impact.

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