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Envirocore provides Australians with lightweight honeycomb cardboard for furniture, doors, partitions, and display systems. The hexagonal core of the cardboard gives it structural integrity and durability that is ideal for door and furniture applications. Recyclable and customizable to your specifications, our products are also ideal for exhibitions and shop displays.

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Envirocore: Sustainable Panelling

Envirocore was established by Litegroup to specialise in honeycomb core cardboard panels. Made with 100 per cent recyclable paper and cardboard. Aside from the raw materials, a water-based non-toxic glue is used to piece the cardboard together to achieve its honeycomb effect. Each sheet can be easily recycled after use to reduce your environmental impact. The finished products come in an extensive variety of lamination techniques and decorative finishes. In addition to this, the cardboard can be produced with a printable face and can be cut to any desired shape. We have a strict quality control process to ensure that each product meets not only our stringent standards, but also Australia’s industry regulations.

Envirocore by Litegroup value our customers’ needs and specifications. We will work with you to ensure that you get the panelling solutions that are suitable for your project. We have a friendly customer service team that will gladly walk you through our different products and services.

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Honeycomb Cardboard for Hollow Doors

What is a hollow core door?

A hollow core door is one that weighs significantly less than a solid core door. It is typically used as an interior door as it lacks the necessary security for an exterior one. Although its name suggests that it is completely empty inside, this type of door usually has some sort of insulation to provide additional support to the frame.

Why use honeycomb cardboard for the core?

While the exterior frame of a hollow core door is made of timber, the interior is often filled with foam or cardboard. The latter, particularly one with has a honeycomb core, gives a hollow door better structural strength. Aside from this, the honeycomb cardboard can effectively insulate the door for better noise management.

Envirocore: Honeycomb Cardboard Panelling

Envirocore’s honeycomb cardboard panelling has been developed to be a viable replacement for MDF, plywood, and melamine panels. Although our products are typically used for hollow core doors, they can also be utilised for partitions and other hollow core furniture.

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