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The Importance of Void Formers

Australia’s topography is home to reactive soils. This type of soil contains large proportions of clay which reacts to the moisture that surrounds it. It contracts and shrinks significantly, thereby posing a serious issue for the construction industry.

Before any construction project is started, a geotechnical analysis must be conducted on the site. This is to determine the chemical composition of the soil. This will prepare the workers of any potential challenges and problems that might be caused by the ground, as well as alert engineers to construction measures that must be put into place.

One such measure is the use of honeycomb cardboard sacrificial formwork. Once it has been established that the site has reactive soils, the construction company can make the necessary adjustments. This is where a void former becomes an important building material.

What is a Void Former?

A void former is a construction material that is typically made with cardboard. It provides a space or void between the wet concrete and the reactive soils so that the mixture can dry properly and unbothered. When concrete is poured directly on reactive soils, there is the risk of the mixture seeping into the soil. This will negatively impact the integrity of the foundation and subsequently affect the overall quality of the structure. A cardboard void former, particularly one with a honeycomb design, has the ability to withstand large amounts of wet concrete until it is dry.

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clayform logoClayform by Litegroup is the innovative solution that engineers and builders across Australia need for their projects. The honeycomb cardboard sacrificial formwork that we developed allows builders and those in the construction industry to create a void between their building’s foundation and reactive soils. Made with 100 per cent FSC certified materials, our void formers will break down over time once the concrete has solidified.

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Lifestyle Communities Retirement Homes, Bittern

Project Type: Residential

Structural Engineer: Lambert & Rehbein

Quantity: 4630m2

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Oran Park High School

Project Type: School

Structural Engineer: Woolacotts Consulting Engineers

Quantity: 2500m2

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Litecorp Clayform is the premier void forming solution for engineers and builders across Australia. Developed to create space between the soil and building foundation, the cardboard honeycomb void form reduces the upward force transmitted to the structure due to ground heave. Clayform has the ability to support the load of concrete when it is poured and due to its degradability will break down over time leaving a genuine void. This reduces the risk of reactive soils impacting upon the slab or causing damage to the structure in the future.

Strong and Rigid

High pressure loading during concrete pour.


Over time, breakdown of the Clayform will occur leaving a genuine void compared to Styrofoam alternatives.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Clayform voidformer is made from 100% recyclable paper and cardboard.

Protected During Delivery

We offer many different packaging options to suit site requirements.

Fast, Nation Wide Delivery

Multiple locations around Australia allows delivery on time every time.



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