Honeycomb Cardboard Void Former for Construction

Honeycomb Cardboard as Void Former

In construction, there will be certain natural elements that will affect and even determine the integrity of a structure. One of these factors is reactive soil. This is a clay-type soil that swells when wet and constricts when dry. This reaction will inevitably affect the foundation of any structure built on top of it. This is why professional construction companies employ the use of a void form.

To meet this demand, Litegroup has developed a cardboard void former that is designed after honeycombs. This innovative style gives the product a strong yet lightweight structure that makes it the ideal alternative to other void formers. Our team manufactures the cardboard honeycomb void form to give the construction industry a suitable void former that will help ensure the durability of their buildings.

The Value of the Cardboard Honeycomb Void Form

Void forms serve important roles in construction. When concrete is laid out directly on top of the soil, there is a risk that the material will seep into the ground. This can lead to an unstable base that could potentially affect the integrity of the structure.

A void form helps to prevent that from happening. When it is placed between the soil and the concrete, the cardboard void former allows the concrete to set on a stable surface without the risk of it sinking into the ground.

We at Litegroup use a honeycomb design for our void forms for its innovative properties. Here are some of the reasons this design is ideal for construction.


The honeycomb design of our void form gives it the strength to absorb high-pressure loading and direct impact force absorption.


Made with lightweight cardboard, our void form reduces handling fatigue. Its light weight allows for reduced shipping costs, since the pieces can be transported in bulk, minus the excessive weight.


Our unique honeycomb pattern makes it highly functional and suitable across various construction applications, from small to big projects.

Environmentally Friendly

Our concrete void former is made from 100 per cent recyclable material. This allows it to completely disintegrate over time when used in construction.

Why Honeycomb-Designed Cardboard is Better

Corrugated cardboard is a material that is often made with unbleached wood fibres. It consists of a fluted sheet and a flat linerboard. This material is often used for packaging purposes but it is also utilised for other purposes. Construction projects use the material as a cardboard void former. However, unlike honeycomb-designed cardboard, corrugated cardboard is not as effective or efficient. It lacks the strength of its honeycomb counterpart.

Cardboard in a honeycomb design is made in the same thickness as corrugated cardboard. However, unlike the latter, it has stronger flexural and folding strength. Its honeycomb-shaped grooves are the reason behind this strength. This structural property allows the material to be folded and bent multiple times before it yields to pressure. This is particularly important for a void former because it must hold up to the pressure exerted by large amounts of wet concrete until it dries. An inefficient void former will result in insecure structures, potentially deficient in structural integrity.

Construction companies in need of reliable and effective honeycomb cardboard void formers can come to Litegroup for topnotch products. If you have enquiries, fill out our contact form here.

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