Eco-friendly Cardboard Pallet

Cardboard Honeycomb Pallet

To effectively and efficiently organise a medium to large-sized storage space, pallets are a necessity. A common sight at most warehouses, a pallet is a practical base for goods, especially those that need to be transported in bulk. While these pallets are often made of wood, the cardboard alternative is just as effective and bears additional advantages.

What is a cardboard pallet?

A cardboard pallet, specifically one that is fashioned after a honeycomb, looks and functions like its wooden counterpart. The honeycomb cells possess better shock absorbency that can support large amounts of weight. Additionally, unlike wooden pallets, the cardboard version is more cost-efficient and has less environmental impacts. Made with reclaimed paper and cardboard, these pallets can easily be recycled after use. It is prefabricated and mass-produced in different sizes to suit most client specifications. However, these pallets are further customisable to suit your needs.

The Advantages of Cardboard Honeycomb Pallets


A cardboard pallet gives business owners the opportunity to reduce costs in their supply chain. This type of pallet is mass-produced and delivered in bulk to the client. The design of this pallet allows it to be flattened without affecting its structural integrity. These attributes give cardboard honeycomb pallets a cost-efficient edge. Business owners can have these delivered in large quantities, at once, whilst its lightweight nature reduces transport costs and even solves storage problems.


Since wooden pallets are heavier, workers are prone to musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains. Additionally, if these pallets fall, they can cause serious injuries and damages. Given that cardboard pallets are lightweight and foldable, warehouse personnel will have an easier time handling them. Additionally, this feature makes for lower handling fatigue and costs.


Cardboard pallets are manufactured and prefabricated in bulk. More importantly, they are customisable to the size and other specifications of the customer. This allows warehouse managers to utilize the pallet that is most appropriate to their needs.


The honeycomb cardboard pallet is unique in its design. The hexagonal cells provide the structure vertical columns that are hollow inside. This gives the cardboard the ability to absorb shock and hold large amounts of weight. Its strength, unlike with other designs, is well-distributed throughout the whole structure. This allows it to secure items placed on it.

Environmentally Sound

Our honeycomb cardboard materials are made with environmental awareness as a top priority. As such, we use 100 per cent recyclable, FSC-certified material.

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