Honeycomb Cardboard as Packaging Material

Durable yet lightweight packaging material is an important tool for business performance. Weight plays a big role in operations and expenses in this industry. To ensure the safety of the products, strict weight limitations are enforced. The heavier the package, the bigger the costs.

However, to keep certain products in place during transport, fillers are used. While the materials used differ per company, there is one material that has risen in popularity recently. Honeycomb cardboard packaging has unique structural properties that have made it the preferred material in the logistics industry.

As the name suggests, this type of cardboard design is modelled after a honeycomb. The hexagonal cells are sandwiched between two thin sheets of cardboard. This gives it a slim structure that has high compression properties. As a result, this honeycomb packing material has shock absorbent properties that allow it to protect the products inside the transport container.

The Benefits of Honeycomb Cardboard Packaging


Honeycomb cardboard weighs less than corrugated cardboard. This is especially beneficial for the logistics industry because this material will not weigh down packages. Since the weight of the package is directly related to the cost of transport, a lightweight packing material allows companies to better manage their expenses.

Ample Protection

Honeycomb cardboard packaging has the ability to absorb more shock because of its unique design. As a packing material, this type of cardboard can effectively protect goods in transport. Not only will it keep items from moving around, but it has the ability to soften any blows to the container.


As a honeycomb cardboard specialist, Litegroup manufactures this product in several sizes. This is to give clients the option to choose the best height and thickness for their specific needs. Additionally, we make our honeycomb cardboard packing material with 100 per cent recyclable resources to help clients reduce their carbon footprint.

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