The Advantages of a Honeycomb
Cardboard Core

The Honeycomb Cardboard Core

The honeycomb is a mass of hexagonal cells that typically house honey bees. However, a design birthed by nature is also commonly used in a number of industries. From construction to logistics, the unique geometry of the honeycomb gives it several unique structural advantages. The geometry of honeycomb cells, with their thin vertical columns and hollow centres, remains constant and provides an even strength, and shock absorbency throughout the material.

With its inherent versatility, the honeycomb design may be applied to a number of products, for a range of uses. From void formers and pallets to panel fillers and packaging products, honeycomb-style cardboard provides innovation and efficiency where you need it. Our honeycomb cardboard core, for instance, makes for great filler material for doors and other furniture. With lightweight yet high compression properties, the honeycomb core is an ideal filler for door panels.

We at the Litegroup use the honeycomb design for our wide selection of products. From cardboard cores and void formers to cardboard pallets, we use this innovative design to create strong, durable products. Each product has been designed and manufactured to best serve their intended purpose. We have a stringent quality control process to ensure that each client receives the best solution for their needs. Plus, we manufacture our products in environmentally ethical ways.

The Honeycomb Cardboard Core in:


A cardboard honeycomb core is an effective and efficient solution for filling doors. It is strong yet also lightweight, which means the door sits well in its hinges and will not drag. The core can be adapted to different types and sizes of door panels. Plus, the sound-absorbent capacity of cardboard makes this type of fillers and excellent choice for noise reduction and sound insulation. The recyclable materials used also make for more sustainable, environmentally-friendly, as well as cost-efficient doors. This is especially beneficial to those in the business of manufacturing doors.


Panels filled with a honeycomb cardboard core are advantageous for their strength, lightweight property and cost-efficiency. Honeycomb cardboard core is a highly-recommended replacement for the more traditionally used wood shavings and chips, chipboards and other solid filling material. This makes it advantageous to those in the furniture production industry.

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