Who is Litegroup?

Litegroup is a Lithgow-based manufacturing company that specialises in honeycomb cardboard. As a company that is located near the naturally picturesque Blue Mountains, we make sure that each product we create was environmentally friendly. We design all products in-house and manufacture them in bulk to ensure that our inventory is well-stocked at all times.

We have divided our interests into four different divisions to better accommodate specific needs. Clayform, Litepallet, Litepack and Envirocore have four distinct specialities that serve different industries. However, all four are similar in that they are made to meet industry standards in the best possible ways.

The honeycomb structure was chosen for its ability to withstand high impact compression. Moreover, the design is able to evenly distribute weight for better management. You can rest assured that you will receive high-quality products every time you order from us.

Sustainable Solutions for the Construction Industry

We are passionate about the environment, and providing solutions that reduce the impact on the environment in the construction industry, packaging industry, graphics & display industry.

We believe in light on weight, light on pocket solutions. To learn more about the work Litegroup does, call us on 1300 955 002 or send your enquiries to info@litegroup.com.au.

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