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Litegroup was established to supply Australian industries with high-quality cardboard and void formers. We started the company because we wanted to provide different industries, particularly the construction and packaging industries, with an environmentally-friendly, strong alternative to existing materials.

As the manufacturer of the honeycomb cardboard and void formers we ship throughout the country, we make sure that the materials we use are 100 per cent recyclable paper and cardboard. This affects the product’s structural properties, particularly when used as a void form. Its strength allows it to create a genuine void between the concrete slab and the reactive soils underneath, while its bio-degradability enables it to break down over a period of time. On the other hand, its lightweight properties make the honeycomb cardboard a cost-efficient option to ship and transport. As a packaging material, it offers highly-effective impact protection.

Although we are based in Lithgow, in the west of Sydney, we supply our honeycomb cardboard across Australia. We combine our experiences to come up with solutions that help different businesses reach their goals.

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High pressure loading and direct impact force absorption.


Reduce shipping and handling costs, minimise handling fatigue.

Environmentally Ethical

Made from 100% recyclable material. FSC certified material.


Thousands of applications, very cost effective.

benefits of honeycomb cardboard



Honeycomb cardboard sacrificial formwork is ideal for construction projects on reactive soils. This material creates a genuine void between the slab of concrete and the clay underneath.


With its impressive strength-to-weight ratio, honeycomb cardboard provides high impact protection to effectively protect products during transport. Its 100 per cent FSC-certified materials are environmentally-friendly.


Our lightweight honeycomb cardboard core is best-suited for use in doors, furniture, exhibits and shop display purposes. Afterwards, you can recycle it to reduce its environmental impact.

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